Only when I look in the rear view mirror am I able to see the importance of leaping.  I never considered myself an artist and still struggle to associate myself with the term.  I am more comfortable with maker or creative.  Making this internal leap has been far more difficult than the creative process itself.  It's ultimately vulnerable.  I have grown closer to recognizing this irrational fear as noise, but I've had to work on shedding the feeling that I have not earned the right to expose my work to others.  This is the leap, I suppose and only through conversation with other artists who struggle to identify with the term have I grown to understand the art of not.  Of just sticking to doing what I love.  This detachment from the ego leaves far more space for my ultimate goal of finding the flow in what I do.  Although I deeply appreciate when others find value in my work, it is the value I find in the process that keeps me searching for more.